Delta Scorpii 2011 – Dia 6, 03 de Julho

Last night has been the first of the second part of this mission.
All day long there were strong winds, with gusts.
By 18:00 hours we started the capture of flats, awaiting for the astronomical night, what happens by 22:40 local time, 21:40 UTC.
But the wind speed, the average for the last 5 minutes was above 45 km/hour and the maximum, also in the last 5 minutes was above 55 km/hour, and the dome could not be open because the operational limits were exceeded.
Close to midnight the wind speed started to decrease and we were able to initiate the capture of spectra, first of Delta Scorpii, but only in two domains because there was no time for more, then of Chi Ophiuchi, EW Lacertae, 66 Ophiuchi, to end with Gamma Cassiopaiae.
The wind speed went on slowing during the night and at dawn was almost calm.
The night, under the wind was cold outside. So a group of students who were training photometry near the MONS came to visit us and to warm up from the cold. They even managed to go to the dome at a time when we had to close it and make flats.
groups seeing

The “calima” disappeared with the variation of the winds and, for the first time, we got a view of the Gran Canaria.
Here it is, with a foreground of flowers and with the dome of the IAC80.
The weather is clear and warm here at the observatory, but, when we went down to La Esperanza, it was cloudy and cold, under a dense layer of clouds.
We don’t think that the cloud layer may climb up to the altitude of the observatory and expect to have another excellent night.


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