Delta Scorpii 2011 – Dia 8, 05 de Julho

Last night has been again an excellent night.
The targets were, beyond the flats, Delta Scorpii in the domains of this mission, the reference star 40 Ophiuchi, Delta Scorpii again but in Hgamma, 66 Ophiuchi, 6 Cephei and Gamma Cassiopeiae.
The 6 hours of the astronomical night have been fully exploited.
We wake up at 13:00 hours with the intention of taking the cable car to the top of the Teide.
It seems that the winds, at the top, were blowing at 65 km/hour and, consequently, the funicular was stopped.
So we made a short walk in the Cañadas del Teide.

There are a lot of tracks in there, but we do not have the time for long walks.
While the setup was set to capture flats, before the astronomical night arrived for the 9th night, we went to watch the sunset and to have a view of the island of La Palma.

We completed 8 nights out of 10, and, from the point of view of telescope utilisation and acomplishment of objectives, we are near the 100% mark.
We would like to take possession of the IAC80.

But the IAC probably would not agree.
So we took this photo just for fun.


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