Delta Scorpii 2011 – Dia 9, 06 de Julho

This was the last night with the team complete.
Anatoly Miroshnichenko and Thierry Garrel went home and only Alberto and José Ribeiro still stay for the last night.
This night number 9 was again very good and we managed to complete all the objectives.
First Delta Scorpii in all the domains, the reference star 40 Ophiuchi, 66 Ophiuchi, Gamma Cassiopeiae and 6 Cephei were the objects of the night.
At a certain point, the dome was not synchronised with the telescope and had to be initialised again.
From then on it performed correctly all night.
As I reported earlier, this mission made use of one of our spectroscopes, science camera and persinal computers.
To guarantee the success of the mission, in case of a malfunction, there was a spare set of spectroscope, science camera, and personal computers as well.
This photo shows the spectroscope and science camera brought by Thierry, being accommodated for the trip back home.

All the data are being analysed by the PI, Anatoly Miroshnichenko and, in due time, he will present the conclusions.
But there is a conclusion about which it is the time to speak: – This mission had a team at work.
A team is not a group of skilled people put together.
A team is a group of people who are skilled for a particular task and who put their skills at the service of the objectives of that task, in a coordinated way.
There is no team without coordination and cooperation and it is not necessary that every team member is able to perform all the actions required for the success of the task.
A good team work originates synergies that make the habilities of the group be much higher than the sum of individual skills.
This group formed a team.
Each one accomplished his tasks on the right time and in a perfect coordination.
For that reason, 10 nights, or 10 days of 12 hours of work each, elapsed very rapidly and the totality of the objectives were achieved.
It is time now to wait for the results.
This afternoon, me and José Ribeiro took Anatoly to the Tenerife South airport and, on the way, had lunch at Vila Flor, in an open terrace, at a typical reataurant.

While I write this message, we are making flats and waiting for the astronomical night.
Tomorrow I will make a short report of this last night.


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