Vídeo da NASA: Dentro da ISS

Neste vídeo da TV NASA é-nos dada a oportunidade de espreitar a vida de um astronauta a bordo da ISS (International Space Station – Estação Espacial Internacional).

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    • Dinis Ribeiro on 16/12/2014 at 22:46
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    A bordo da ISS existe o NIGHTPOD…




    Nearly 500 000 pictures have been taken of Earth at night by astronauts – and the number keeps growing. ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is continuing the habit during her mission on the Space Station. Not all of these pictures are identified or catalogued and this is where the Cities at Night project is asking for your help.

    Pretty lines of light

    The project asks you to identify and tag night-time photos of Earth. Recognising a city is not as easy as it might seem. Astronauts can set their cameras to take pictures automatically while they work on scientific experiments, so they do not always know themselves – and computer programmes cannot help.

    Most people can identify their hometown but would you be able to recognise Liverpool at night if you have never lived there? Researchers need your help to tag images, locate them on a map and provide exact references. Each task has its own web application that runs straight from your browser.

    The applications have a brief tutorial to get you started. Locating cities needs the most work – so get out your atlas and start hunting.

    Understanding the problem with pretty photos

    Estive a ver se existiam artigos sobre este tema… http://www.astropt.org/?s=poluição+luminosa

    Participar aqui http://www.citiesatnight.org/index_PT.html apenas 3 cidades em Portugal…

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