Indianos alinhados com as estrelas

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Robert Park escreveu este texto, que diz:
“An article by Eric Bellman in the Wall Street Journal last week may mark the birth of a new era of cooperation between modern medical science and the ancient wisdom of the East. Expectant mothers in India consult their astrologer to find the most auspicious day and time to enter the world, and schedule a C-section with their obstetrician for delivery at that moment.
This is a breakthrough but why stop there? Why not learn the most auspicious time for conception? Perhaps there should be a staff astrologer in every IVF clinic.”

O artigo no Wall Street Journal diz:
“Ruchira Varmaa’s marriage was already in trouble when she found out she was pregnant. She didn’t know what to do, so, as with most life decisions, she consulted her astrologer.
Ms. Varmaa and her child would be fine, the astrologer said, as long as the baby was born on one of three mahurats, or auspicious days, near her due date. She then did what doctors say an increasing number of middle-class Indians are doing these days: She scheduled a caesarean section in order to nail that good-luck date.”

Ou seja, querem ter bébés saudáveis e felizes? Consultem o astrólogo e ele diz quando será o melhor dia para nascer.

Acho que vou mudar de profissão…


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  1. Mas quando mudar, não esquecer de consultar o astrólogo para saber qual o melhor dia para o fazer!! 😀

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