Delta Scorpii 2011 – Dia 7, 04 de Julho

Last night has been excellent.
The wind remained within the limits all night and there were no technical problems.
Like every other day, so far, we started by the flats and, by 22:40 local time, continued with Delta Scorpii in all the domains reported earlier, with the reference star 40 Ophiuchi, with 66 Ophiuchi, to finish with Gamma Cassiopeiae.
Everything is now running routinely.
The weather conditions have been good and we have been able to complete all the objectives for each night.
There are three nights remaining and we have the hope that our luck continues until the end of the mission.
If the weather depends on mother nature, the adaptation and the performance of the equipments depends on the work of the technical staff.
They did a great job.
I show now some photos taken during the preparations of the set up.

The crew prepares the assembly of the accessories box.

And attaches it to the telescope.

The autoguiding camera, FOVIA, installed in the accessories box.

And the spectroscope attached to the accessories box.

More to come tomorrow.


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