Grandes séries de FC, grandes temas – Guerra das Estrelas (Star Wars)

Star Wars é uma série famosa em todo o mundo que faz sonhar muitos fans. O tema principal da série e a fabulosa marcha imperial (tema do Darth Vader) serão sempre inconfundíveis


Segue-se uma compilação que junta os inícios dos seis episódios da saga num único vídeo, com o famoso deslizar das letras para o espaço infinito

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    • Dinis Ribeiro on 23/12/2014 at 14:20
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    O design de alguns sistemas da NASA foram muito influenciados por estas obras de arte…

    Por exemplo, citado este link:

    Now engineers at the company’s Space Operations and Simulation Center near Denver are using the same sensor that flew to the ISS with Stormm in ground tests of its ability to locate a small sample-return canister in deep retrograde—or other—orbit in the vicinity of the Moon.

    In addition to indoor mockups of the beachball-sized canister and an Orion equipped with a special planetary-protection vault, they have gone outside to see just how far away the flash lidar can detect various reflectors mounted on the test article.

    Dubbed “Oscar” for Orion Sample Capture and Return, the work is a recent example at the component level of the kind of extensibility Crusan is talking about.

    Developed for one application, the technology and some of the hardware are being used for another, both in support of exploration.


    … utiliza uma estrutura esférica com reflectores que me lembra muito o do filme de 1977

    Gostei também deste artigo:

    Quoting from : …”An inertia damper is a device that counters or damps the effects of inertia and other forces and motion.

    The phrase inertial damper is actually misused in science fiction to describe a device that negates inertia and removes it from surrounding mass.

    It is more properly described as inertia negation.

    Inertial compensators are also used in simulators or rides, making them more realistic by creating artificial sensations of acceleration and other movement. The Disneyland ride Space Tours is a fair example of this principle.”

    And quoting from : … “a similar effect can be achieved by creating a gravitational field opposing the acceleration of the vessel. Such technology, while still nonexistent at the present time and considered unlikely to be achieved in the foreseeable future, is by far more realistic than manipulating inertial mass.”

  1. O conto de fadas do Si-Fi !!!


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