Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin faz hoje 80 anos!!! Parabéns!
Enviem uma mensagem de Parabéns ao 2º Homem na Lua, através da Planetary Society, clicando aqui.
Leiam aqui algumas mensagens de aniversário já enviadas para ele.

Em duas entrevistas, na CNN, Aldrin conta a experiência da Apollo 11, e fala do futuro da exploração espacial e do plano Chinês.

Buzz Aldrin, deu uma entrevista para a CNN onde, entre outras coisas, fala dos seus sentimentos sobre a Apollo 11, e diz que os americanos deviam planear a viagem a Marte em vez de à Lua.

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  1. Numa discussão no Facebook sobre o que o Armstrong disse, o que o Aldrin disse, e sobre o plano do Obama…
    … eu disse isto:

    I’m with Team Buzz Aldrin.

    The Constellation program was severely underfunded, had already huge cutbacks in plans (ex: Orion capsule), had a goal that was already won (Moon), had a plan less ambitious than the Chinese (for example), and included the worst idea ever (cutting the space shuttles, and now paying the Russians… for the first time, USA will be dependent of foreign nations).

    I don’t agree 100% with Obama’s plan either.
    He kept the cancelling of the space shuttles (although I really don’t know if he could have blocked the previous decision on time), he still didn’t issue a bold statement of going to Mars (he should have), and the deadlines are further away than the Chinese – which obviously is a mistake, if the Chinese reach Mars first.
    But it’s a more realistic plan, for the current budget.
    I loved his quote about not being the destination that counts, but the developments towards it.
    Also, puts an emphasis on commercial developments. And the world depends from commercial developments. What would be of the telegraph without the banks? Or the Internet without the banks or military? Private enterprises are very important.
    And, especially, has the goal of going to an asteroid and not to the Moon – “we” have been on the Moon already and there’s nothing there (even the water molecule is all over the universe), but asteroids are very rich in minerals that may provide another “gold rush” between private companies, which for sure will develop space flight.
    And landing on an asteroid… WOW! It will be huge!!! 🙂

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