Comunicar o Big Bang

Sou co-autor de um artigo publicado na recente edição do journal Communicating Astronomy with the Public.
O artigo lida com o Big Bang e com a dificuldade de comunicar essa teoria para a população em geral.
Para lerem o artigo, em inglês, cliquem aqui.

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  1. Fizeste-me lembrar do livro Contacto:

    “The anomaly showed up most starkly in Base 11 arithmetic, where it could be written out entirely as zeros and ones. (…) Hiding in the alternating patterns of digits, deep inside the transcendental number, was a perfect circle, its form traced out by unities in a field of noughts.
    The universe was made on purpose, the circle said. (…) It’s already here. It’s inside everything. You don’t have to leave your planet to find it. In the fabric of space and in the nature of matter, as in a great work of art, there is, written small, the artist’s signature. Standing over humans, gods, and demons, subsuming Caretakers and Tunnel builders, there is an intelligence that antedates the universe. The circle had closed. She found what she had been searching for.”

  2. Falando em comunicar e Big Bang lembrei-me de Stargate Universe. Eles estão numa nave espacial lançada da terra à cerca de 60 milhões de anos da Terra e descobrem que os Ancients descobriram o uma espécie de mensagem na radiação cósmica de fundo e lançaram a nave para obter o resto da mensagem.
    Rush: Are you familiar with the cosmic microwave background radiation?
    Young: Noise left over from the Big Bang.
    Rush: A long time ago, the Ancients made a discovery. They found evidence of a structure buried deep within the background radiation. They believed that, at one time, this structure had genuine complexity, coherence, therefore could not have occurred naturally.
    Young: How is that even possible?
    Rush: It’s not – at least not according to our current understanding of physics, nor could we even see this structure with our technology.
    Young: OK, so what are we talking about? Some kind of code, a message?
    Rush: A message, perhaps, or a sign of intelligence from the beginning of time.
    Young: Sent by?
    Rush: Hmm. Well, that’s the very question they sought to answer when they launched Destiny. That is the mission. We’re talking about a mystery rooted in the foundation of reality, a puzzle with pieces scattered across the length and breadth of the universe itself.

  1. […] a Marte. Do infinitamente grande ao infinitamente pequeno. AAS. IJA, 33 euros, Faça-se Luz, Sagan, Big Bang. Cambridge University Press. Estudo. Conferência. PAPS. Ficção Científica. Viagens Espaciais. […]

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